Cyber Essentials Certification

Why should you get a Cyber Essentials Certification?

Cyber criminals don’t just attack large companies, any organisation which isn’t properly protected, even small businesses – are a potential target.

Cyber Essentials is an industry supported certification scheme developed by the UK Government, providing criteria for organisations to assess their cyber-security systems by measuring and implementing 5 key controls, that can prevent 80% of cyber attacks. Beyond helping to keep your IT systems safe the scheme has numerous benefits for organisations;

  • It’s a government endorsed certification scheme, which allows your organisation to bid for government contracts.
  • Stand out from your competitors, becoming certified you are demonstrating to your clients that your organisation has met government standards to ensure measures in place for keeping the clients’ information secure.
  • Meet the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. When the new GDPR rules reach the UK, organisations can be fined from the EU 4% of their annual global turnover if they suffer from a breach. Cyber Essentials implementation will help organizations meet the requirements.
  • Provides cost-effective, basic cyber security for organizations of all sizes
  • Can reduce the risk of prevalent cyber-attacks on an organisation
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors by demonstrating that you take cyber security seriously
  • The Defence Cyber Protection Partnership (DCPP) advocates Cyber Essentials as the first of four levels of Cyber risk.

We provide a you with a Cyber Essentials pre-certification audit, complete with remediation advice on the 5 key controls

  • Boundary firewalls and internet gateways – prevention of unauthorised access
  • Secure configuration – ensures secure system configuration
  • Access Control – ensures appropriate access to systems
  • Malware protection – installation and maintenance of virus and malware protection
  • Patch management – application of patches and ensuring the latest version of applications is used

Once you’re ready we will recommend you to one of our trusted partners to certify your organisation.

You can add this service to your Bespoke Security Package.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.